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Flutter Testing
Silicon MEMS, Plug and Play accelerometers for high accuracy over temperature.
Wind Tunnel
Miniature pressure sensors and pressure scanners for airflow measurements.
Turbo Machinery
Pressure, vibration and temperature instrumentations for engine test cell measurements.
Process Control & Factory Automation
Position, pressure, vibration, and temperature sensors for monitoring factory equipments.
Component Design / Road Simulation
rugged IEPE Accelerometers for suspension testing. Standard off-the-shelf accelerometers, steering wheel torque sensors and brake/pedal force sensors.
Racing Sensors
high accuracy silicon MEMS pressure sensors and triaxial accelerometers for track mapping.
Pedestrian Safety Testing
Sensors with precise damping characteristic provide reliable impact measurements.
Crash Testing
SAE J2570 and ISO-6487 compliant sensors for anthropomorphic instrumentation.
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