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Pulse Oximeter
Photo Optic sensors provide continuous, non-invasive measurements of saturated oxygen levels in the blood.
Cardiovascular Devices
Temperature, pressure and force sensors are used for invasive cardiac monitoring, cardiac rhythm management, angioplasty and ventricular assist devices (VAD).
Infusion and Syringe Pumps
Pressure, force, ultrasonic bubble and position sensors are used to detect occlusions, bubbles, empty bag and flow rates.
Patient Monitoring
FDA-registered reusable and disposable temperature and pulse oximetry (SpO2) probes continuously monitor patient core body temperature, pulse and blood oxygen saturation. Pressure sensors provide continuous, intravenous blood pressure measurement while MEAS piezo sensing technology is used to measure breathing patterns and patient movement.
Respiratory Devices
Temperature, humidity, pressure, position and flow sensors are used to provide precise feedback for inspired, expired and tank/wall-supplied gases in respiratory devices including sleep therapy (CPAP), oxygen concentrators and critical care and anesthesia ventilators. Our sensors improve patient comfort and device accuracy and reliability.
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