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height measurement based on a miniature barometric pressure sensor enables route profile calculation and logging for outdoor devices. Differences in height measurements are used in automotive after-market GPS.
Sport Watches
Water depth for diving is accurately measured by gel-filled digital pressure sensors. Altimeter watches use barometric pressure variation for height measurement and pressure trends for weather prediction.
Microwave Oven
Measurement Specialties' infrared temperature sensors monitor heating functions by directly sensing food temperature.
Low cost/low power vibration sensor measures load imbalance to avoid "walking". humidity or thermopile sensors are used in dryers to automatically shut off when clothes are dry, extending the life of clothes and improving efficiency.
Cycle Computers
Altimeters based on barometric pressure sensors enable measurement of route profiles and contribute to energy monitoring and fitness estimation.
Wellness Body Monitoring
Low-powered miniature digital sensors allow a range of vital body wellness indicators to be calculated, such as energy consumption, sleep quality and activity monitoring.
The drying process of ink jet printers is improved by monitoring air and paper humidity content. Measuring air and toner humidity guarantees print quality in laser printers/copiers.
humidity control inside refrigerator keeps vegetables fresh while humidity monitoring outside refrigerator improves efficiency by avoiding costly defrost cycles.
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