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Temperature Monitoring
Stand-alone or combined with other sensors, Measurement Specialties offers the largest range of temperature probes based on NTC, RTD Platinum or nickel and Thermopile.
Auto Braking System
Pressure sensors are used in Electronic Stability Control systems. They detect and measure applied brake pedal pressure in order to distinguish between normal and emergency braking.
Occupant Safety
Seat, handbrake & footbrake position safety interlock switches assist operators in extreme terrains to operate safely and efficiently.
Vehicle Control
rugged, accurate position sensors for boom position monitoring enhance operator efficiency while minimizing downtime.
Electronic Braking
Tilt sensors measure inclination of vehicle and automatically apply parking brake.
Off-Road Mobile Hydraulics Control
Linear position and pressure sensors used in hydraulic pumps, valves and actuators provide closed loop control and monitoring in electro-hydraulic systems for such applications as excavators, vehicle lifts and cranes.
Engine Control
humidity and temperature sensors are located at the air intake of internal combustion engines. The sensors are key components in systems designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
Fogging Prevention and Cabin Energy Control
humidity and temperature sensors are used to prevent windshield fogging, critical for safety, cabin comfort and energy management.
Oil and Fuel Levels
Stand alone or combined with temperature and / or fluid quality sensors, Measurement Specialties' level sensors are designed for off-highway, gear box, transmission and tank applications.
SCR sensors measure level, quality, temperature, and as, required provide heating of DEF tanks to help emission control.
Fluid Quality Monitoring
Fluid property sensors directly monitor the key characteristics of oils, fuels and urea. They detect harmful contaminants and fluid condition in order to improve vehicle up-time and performance. Urea concentration and quality monitoring support proper operation of urea SCr systems to insure nOx emissions compliance.
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