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Large Electric Motors /
Temperature sensors for continuous sensing and thermal monitoring. Sensors for use in stator and end windings, bearings and gear boxes.
Assembly Lines
Gage heads with ultra-precision capabilities and user-adjustable pretravel and overtravel settings ensure reliable assembly line performance.
Wind Farm
Inclinometers are used to level wind turbines during construction and operation. Vibration sensors monitor the gearbox and provide early warning for maintenance.
Traffic/Smart Highway
Piezoelectric axle detectors are used to collect data on highways, as well as providing the timing mechanism for speed and red light cameras.
Industrial Paint Sprayer
Custom designed pressure sensor is used to monitor and precisely control the pressure in the paint canister to prevent splatter due to pressure spikes.
Gasoline Pump
rugged electromagnetic rotary encoders provide tamper proof shaft rotation measurements which are converted into gallons or liters of fuel dispensed.
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